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The Mendocino Build Part 2- Floor Joists

Step 2 of building the Mendocino plan involves placing the flloor joists across the treated mud sill that are on the foundation.  Here we see the TGI floor joists positioned 16 inches on center and attached to the mud sill. Some cross bracing has also been installed.



In the next pic you'll see that in the center of the building there is an additional support stem wall to support the 2 lengths of the TGI's.  The TGI's overlap the mud sill and have a filler piece for strength.


In the next pic you can see the Rim Joist that caps off the ends of the floor joists and will wrap around the exterior walls of the house


Next we see how the builder "roughed in" the conduit for the electrical panel and other connections so that they come up into the wall cavity.  The conduits were placed before pouring the concrete.


On this last pic, I am standing inside the garage area.  The dirt may look low but about 6 inches of gravel and another 6 inches of cement need to be added.  The garage and porches (called "flat work" by contractors) are usually done after the main foundation is in and the subfloor is complete.

Building your own home is not too complicated but it does take alot of advance planning.  By gaining an understanding of how things are done and studying your plans, you can DIY!

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